CSALT – Jeffery's Bay


The Christian Surfers African Leadership Training (CSALT) is a 3 or 5 month course dedicated to equipping surfers and skaters to purposefully impact their local communities around the world. 

Our program is based in Jeffreys Bay, home to the iconic Supertubes (arguably the top right-hand point break on the planet) and a vibrant surf and skate community for all skill levels.

Our program creates the opportunity for you to become a part of a flourishing faith community and to shape and be shaped by it.

We put loads of time aside for personal growth and experience, which means we run our program discipleship intensive.

As a family we talk about, and study the story of the Bible. Through this we discover the epic story in scripture. A story that we can and should be a part of. A story of adventure, pain, romance and passion – we’ll get to know the hero of the story – Jesus of Nazareth. We get to know Jesus as our Creator in ways that you would never expect. We determine our purpose in the story, what our Creator is calling us to be part of and even how to answer the toughest questions in life.

Our 3-month program consists of a training phase. The 5-month program is divided into both a training phase and a heart- and soul-filled practical phase. In the practical phase you will cement what you have learned through traveling our South African coastline and plugging into the extended CS family and associated organizations.


So if the waves are 6ft and cooking, lectures just might have to happen later in the day.

DURING THE CSALT PROGRAM We create the space for your divine purpose to be discovered by digging into the following…
  • LECTURES – On spiritual and personal formation 
  • SHARING –  The Gospel of Jesus
  • USE SURFING AND SKATING – To bring Jesus to underprivileged communities 
  • DISCIPLESHIP – Develop your Christ-like character through relationship with other believers
  • ANSWER – Tough questions and establish a Biblical Worldview
  • SERVE  – At surf events and at local community projects

two intakes


During the 3-month program, you will embark on 3 enriching trips along the South African coastline. For those participating in the 5-month program, there will be 4 captivating trips along the same coastline. These expeditions are centered on the core aspects of surfing, community service, and fostering connections within the broader CS community.

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