Yoh! what a trip to Cape Town! After all our training on October 4th we went into the mission field or as the program calls it mission phase. We began our 8 hour drive to the first destination in Kommetjie, Cape Town, to help out at an event called a Board Swap, including surf movies, venders, food, and swapping boards! After the event was all set up we got to sell tickets at the door, greeting people with a friendly American and German accent. The next morning having helped to pack up the whole event,we were invited for some yummy burritos at Dougal’s house and felt very welcomed. After that we headed to Strand for our manual labour service.

As we arrived in Strand we were told it would be so rad if we could move this sand dune to the back dunes so that the local surf school could build a new building there. Fabi and I looked at each other and took the job, barrel after barrel of sand we trekked up the wood planks to reach the back dunes not even having shovels the first day but only old signs! The sand never seemed to come to an end but it was such a blessing to this guy cause it was really hard and takes a lot of time in his busy schedule. After 3 days of digging, our job was complete, and with some off time we went to the local Christian Surfers Club that happens every Thursday night where our good friends Richter, Manfred and Josh went. We met these rad dudes at the Junior SA champs contest in JBay a few weeks before our trip!

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