2017 Billabong SA Inter-Club Champs

Written by: Jason Mendonca

So the 2017 Contest season for the Christian Surfers South Africa service team kicked off this past weekend at the Billabong SA inter club champs. Myself and Philipp Baur had the privilege to serve alongside Billabong and Surfing South Africa.

I really love how Billabong SA as a brand just puts so much back into Surfing as a sport and how they really back surfing in South Africa. Surfing South Africa as an organization is just awesome and really brings a lot to the party in terms of building Surfing up as a recognized sport in South Africa. They are doing a great job in building up the development side of surfing and give a lot of under privileged kids in South Africa a sense of belonging and an opportunity to enter a new life style, which could potentially open up doors in their future. Working with the Billabong crew always ends up creating such a rad environment. They really just represent a fun, clean and healthy reputation of surfing in South Africa.

Anyways back to the Inter Club Champs. In this contest each day started very early with the normal morning setup. It then further progressed to spotting throughout the day and serving where ever we can in our breaks. The end of each day was finished off with dismantling what we setup in the mornings. I really loved the way this turned out to be, being in a voluntary position in the morning and then throughout the comp working in an officials position and ending the day off back in a voluntary position. This format really showcases a servant heart Characteristic. It was just cool to see how each day God provided us with opportunities to just be the light and the truth and then in other cases we had opportunities where other officials just wanted to know more about who we are and what we were doing there. Serving alongside Philipp was such a blessing. Nothing was ever a burden for him and he did everything with a glad heart. Each day was filled with laughs from setup to take down.

Something that really struck me was when the event finished and all the judges were shaking hands and giving each other a little congrats, one of the judges thanked me and Philipp and I’ll never forget what he said next, “thanks guys for going the extra mile.” This just reminded me how important it is that we as Christians always need to go the extra mile, just as Jesus went the extra mile on the cross and saved us from our sins. At the end it was an all-round good competition and Team SWOT A from Muizenberg, Cape Town took the win.

Yeeeuuuw! Thanks Billabong and Surfing South Africa for having us at your events!

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